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The love of Olga and Konstantin was really beautiful..from the way she looked up at him into his eyes…to the way he gently held her head as he kissed her face…anyone could see their love was for real. I met Olga and her best friend in her room at the Conrad Hotel, in Miami, to photograph her putting her dress on. Because of timing…her mother wasn’t able to make it to the US from Russia for her wedding so right after she had her dress on, Olga immediately signed onto Skype for a quick video visit with her before she walked down the isle. Olga was soo sweet and soo calm, it was really refreshing to be around her….her dress was really simple…and what did i totally love of this dress you ask?!?…it had POCKETS!! How clever!! i mean…seriously…why did it take so long to make this happen?? The ceremony was at Vizcaya can imagine how incredibly beautiful it was there…the ceremony was really inspiring to photograph under the sky high gazebo plus it is right on the water so the breeze blew her dress in the most elegant ways. The main camera i used for these shots was my Canon 5D paired up with the Canon 2.8 24-70mm zoom lens.

Olga & Konstanin's Wedding


Its official..the studio is back in business!! To all you musicians…the spot is ready for recording!!…check out this talented team, Super Engineer J.Cardi Rivera and and the rising R&B sensation, beat maker, singer and songwriter PHENOM. They are offering $50 lease beats and $250 exclusive beats..or if you are in need of recording and can get with them hourly for $35 per hour or four hour blocks for $100………so you know me and details… :) Cardi asked me to swing by to get a few shots that they could use for their advertising. I was having soo much fun with all the colors and textures. I decided just to use the available lighting in the room to get the ambiance…since musicians seem to work best at night…in the dark…vampires they…i played around with some long exposures and zooming. Since it was soo dark in the room i had the iso on my Canon 5D set to 1600…i love how the grain looks when i turned several of them black and white. If you are interested in hearing some sounds…you can listen in on Phenom’s vibe via his myspace or email Cardi for more information and booking

The Studio of Super Engineer J.Cardi Rivera & Phenom


Jackie Tufford happened to be at the grand opening for Mesh Studio in downtown West Palm Beach and saw some of my work that is hanging there…she was to be performing at Showel which is held every year at Hotel Biba in West Palm Beach…each room at the hotel is assigned to an artist, which in turn designs the room into a piece of art..or performance. Jackie..a performance artist created Miss Pin Cushion..which she describes as…”Once upon the sewing room of Miss Pin Cushion everything was large and overwhelming. Patterns for dresses hung chaotically around the room as she worked on her fabrics. Large needles with spools were like monuments, and pincushions stood like half bubble-shaped cacti in an imaginary textile desert.” I was having a blast photographing her..the colors were soo incredibly rich and vibrant..and ofcourse..the details of everything gigantic were coming out soo crisply with my Canon 5D…ofcourse my lens..the Canon 2.8 soaks up light and color sooo perfectly. I used mostly natural light with a low amount of flash bouncing off the ceiling…i was really excited with what i was getting. You can see more of Jackie’s performances at

Miss Pin Cushion


I was soo fortunate to get to photograph Katie and Rob twice when they were pregnant with Carol Jean…their personalities are really lighthearted and it was enjoyable to see their fun energy between eachother..their excitement and their connection with the venture they were about to be blessed with was soo beautiful.  Getting to photograph their sweet little girl was soooo much fun..she totally holds both of their incredible personalities…she was smiling nonstop!! Her first…Rob’s gettin her into modeling asap…specially once they saw how  much she loved my camera, which by the way is a Canon 5D paired up with the Canon 2.8 zoom lens…her personality was soo sweet…i even got her on camera…standing for the very first time…  :))  We started at Spanish River Park in Delray Beach…ive never been here before…i was very grateful to have found it..its really beautiful there..lots of big banyan trees and sand and picnic tables..after the great shots we got here,  we went across the street to the beach.  So without further a due…here are their portraits…

Decicco Portraits


I believe very much in sharing what i can to those in need of extra love…one event i donated my time and services to was for The March of Dimes…it was an incredible event..hundreds were in attendance.  Many restaurants in the area and wine vendors donated as you know what that means!!!  Lots of super tasty food and a refillable wine glass!!  Other vendors like Mr. Coffee had the reeeeally yummy frappachino’s and chocolate covered espresso beans…YUM!!  Ofcourse im a sucker for details so i thought it would be nice to share some of my highlights of the…aside from the purpose of the event to raise money for sweet little babies in much need of a little something from everyone…which ofcourse the night was a super success….i suggest if you arent sure what exactly The March of Dimes purpose in soo many lives is..take a look

March of Dimes Charity Event


Martha Calvo..the creator of this funky, fresh spiritual jewelry designs her incredible work out of her home in Coral Springs, Florida.  Her jewelry has been worn by the Kardashian sisters and has been included in the gift tent during the Golden Globes.  Her unique collection of buddha’s, crosses, peace signs and evil eyes gets me soo excited to photograph…my secret lighting techniques…well..lets just say i love it natural, the bright sunshine is the perfect ‘bling’ lighting.  I have been using my trusty Canon 30D with the Canon 2.8 60mm macro lens to get nice and close for these images which are being used on her website for her marketing..check some of it out…and do a little shopping while your there!!

Cool Joolz


One of the best gifts for your lover has to be boudoir photos..something they wont wanna put down…Lindsey was getting married in less then a month after her shoot, a gift which was going to be given to her new husband on their first married night together…For this shoot, i got the pleasure to work with Jamie and Jenna of Hot Pink.  This sister duo styled the shoot to include hair, makeup and wardrobe.  You can see more of their work at . The perfect location for this shoot was at The Mark in Delray Beach Florida.  They gave me the much appreciated permission to use their model condos for the complete look.  I had to break out my Profoto studio lighting for this occasion.  Those along with my Canon 5D Mark ii made for an uncontrollably awesome shoot!!

Linsdey's Boudoir Shoot


I have had the incredible opportunity to make my way into the world of pregnancy.  My friend Mindy Galamaga, a doula, massage therapist and kundalini yoga instructor has done some incredible marketing for me with her clients.  What’s a doula you ask? In her backyard at the Whitefeather Sanctuary in Boynton Beach Florida, is the most amazing balinese bed…which makes for a perfect spot for portraits.  Inga had the most soft and genuinely beautiful was such a pleasure to beable to photograph her and her miracle..some of my favorite pregnancy shots are hers.

Inga's Pregnancy Shoot


Georgette of Devious Body Art asked me to photograph this project she had been creating in her mind for some time.  The shoot was voodoo themed…goin back to old Louisiana..a kind of gentleman death character with a sinister grin of being ok and accepting that death in near.  Georgette hand painted the necklace of bones and feathers and shrunken heads on the model’s well as turned his face into a skull of faded life.  I told her of this secret spot i have in Loxahatchee Florida way out in the woods…some time back we salvaged the piano from the side of the road and drug it out to the woods for a nude shoot i was doing…over time the weather made it even more interesting and worn not to mention the voodoo chalk drawing for an extra touch…Georgette brought her ball python…..and i brought my Canon 5D Mark ii….and this i what we came up with…you can see more of her work on facebook or



One of my good friends and clients, Jen Scoz is highly recognized in Palm Beach County for her jewelry of the highest vibration. She travels to Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, Nepal and Tibet, to name a few, to hand pick all of her incredible beads and charms that become some of the most beautiful jewelry…through her travels  she has discovered enchanted treasures from other cultures and time periods that make each piece of her jewelry completely unique and one of a kind.  I photographed this collection of Jen’s jewelry right in her boutique in The Paramount Building on Palm Beach Island.  The windows let in the perfect amount of natural lighting.  I used my Canon 5D Mark ii along with a Canon 2.8 24-70mm zoom lens.  The turquoise, ruby and pearl necklaces and creamy white yak bone earrings are everything i want to wear!!  AND photograph!! LOVE it!!  To see more of her work you can check her out by appointment!! or go to

The Paramount Building  139 N. County Rd. Ste. 9A  Palm Beach, FL  33480

Jen Scoz