Olga & Konstantin’s Wedding

The love of Olga and Konstantin was really beautiful..from the way she looked up at him into his eyes…to the way he gently held her head as he kissed her face…anyone could see their love was for real. I met Olga and her best friend in her room at the Conrad Hotel, in Miami, to photograph her putting her dress on. Because of timing…her mother wasn’t able to make it to the US from Russia for her wedding so right after she had her dress on, Olga immediately signed onto Skype for a quick video visit with her before she walked down the isle. Olga was soo sweet and soo calm, it was really refreshing to be around her….her dress was really simple…and what did i totally love of this dress you ask?!?..lol…it had POCKETS!! How clever!! i mean…seriously…why did it take so long to make this happen?? The ceremony was at Vizcaya Museum..so..you can imagine how incredibly beautiful it was there…the ceremony was really inspiring to photograph under the sky high gazebo plus it is right on the water so the breeze blew her dress in the most elegant ways. The main camera i used for these shots was my Canon 5D paired up with the Canon 2.8 24-70mm zoom lens.

Olga & Konstanin's Wedding

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