The Studio of Super Engineer J.Cardi Rivera & PHENOM

Its official..the studio is back in business!! To all you musicians…the spot is ready for recording!!…check out this talented team, Super Engineer J.Cardi Rivera and and the rising R&B sensation, beat maker, singer and songwriter PHENOM. They are offering $50 lease beats and $250 exclusive beats..or if you are in need of recording and can get with them hourly for $35 per hour or four hour blocks for $100………so you know me and details… :) Cardi asked me to swing by to get a few shots that they could use for their advertising. I was having soo much fun with all the colors and textures. I decided just to use the available lighting in the room to get the ambiance…since musicians seem to work best at night…in the dark…vampires they…i played around with some long exposures and zooming. Since it was soo dark in the room i had the iso on my Canon 5D set to 1600…i love how the grain looks when i turned several of them black and white. If you are interested in hearing some sounds…you can listen in on Phenom’s vibe via his myspace or email Cardi for more information and booking

The Studio of Super Engineer J.Cardi Rivera & Phenom

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