Miss Pin Cushion

Jackie Tufford happened to be at the grand opening for Mesh Studio in downtown West Palm Beach and saw some of my work that is hanging there…she was to be performing at Showel which is held every year at Hotel Biba in West Palm Beach…each room at the hotel is assigned to an artist, which in turn designs the room into a piece of art..or performance. Jackie..a performance artist created Miss Pin Cushion..which she describes as…”Once upon the sewing room of Miss Pin Cushion everything was large and overwhelming. Patterns for dresses hung chaotically around the room as she worked on her fabrics. Large needles with spools were like monuments, and pincushions stood like half bubble-shaped cacti in an imaginary textile desert.” I was having a blast photographing her..the colors were soo incredibly rich and vibrant..and ofcourse..the details of everything gigantic were coming out soo crisply with my Canon 5D…ofcourse my lens..the Canon 2.8 soaks up light and color sooo perfectly. I used mostly natural light with a low amount of flash bouncing off the ceiling…i was really excited with what i was getting. You can see more of Jackie’s performances at www.jackietufford.com

Miss Pin Cushion

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