Decicco Portraits

I was soo fortunate to get to photograph Katie and Rob twice when they were pregnant with Carol Jean…their personalities are really lighthearted and it was enjoyable to see their fun energy between eachother..their excitement and their connection with the venture they were about to be blessed with was soo beautiful.  Getting to photograph their sweet little girl was soooo much fun..she totally holds both of their incredible personalities…she was smiling nonstop!! Her first…Rob’s gettin her into modeling asap…specially once they saw how  much she loved my camera, which by the way is a Canon 5D paired up with the Canon 2.8 zoom lens…her personality was soo sweet…i even got her on camera…standing for the very first time…  :))  We started at Spanish River Park in Delray Beach…ive never been here before…i was very grateful to have found it..its really beautiful there..lots of big banyan trees and sand and picnic tables..after the great shots we got here,  we went across the street to the beach.  So without further a due…here are their portraits…

Decicco Portraits

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