March of Dimes Charity Event

I believe very much in sharing what i can to those in need of extra love…one event i donated my time and services to was for The March of Dimes…it was an incredible event..hundreds were in attendance.  Many restaurants in the area and wine vendors donated as you know what that means!!!  Lots of super tasty food and a refillable wine glass!!  Other vendors like Mr. Coffee had the reeeeally yummy frappachino’s and chocolate covered espresso beans…YUM!!  Ofcourse im a sucker for details so i thought it would be nice to share some of my highlights of the…aside from the purpose of the event to raise money for sweet little babies in much need of a little something from everyone…which ofcourse the night was a super success….i suggest if you arent sure what exactly The March of Dimes purpose in soo many lives is..take a look

March of Dimes Charity Event

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