Lindsey’s Boudoir Shoot

One of the best gifts for your lover has to be boudoir photos..something they wont wanna put down…Lindsey was getting married in less then a month after her shoot, a gift which was going to be given to her new husband on their first married night together…For this shoot, i got the pleasure to work with Jamie and Jenna of Hot Pink.  This sister duo styled the shoot to include hair, makeup and wardrobe.  You can see more of their work at . The perfect location for this shoot was at The Mark in Delray Beach Florida.  They gave me the much appreciated permission to use their model condos for the complete look.  I had to break out my Profoto studio lighting for this occasion.  Those along with my Canon 5D Mark ii made for an uncontrollably awesome shoot!!

Linsdey's Boudoir Shoot

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